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Drums Are Cool and Stuff (more YouTube) April 22, 2010

Posted by Anthony Closkey in Boxes.
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This is the Dresden Dolls

My friend Danielle just recently discovered the solo album of Amanda Palmer, the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls. (It’s really good, of course.)

What’s funny to me is that Danielle is the biggest Morrissey fan I know, and I once declared Amanda Palmer to be a woman cut from the Morrissey cloth. (Jess can back me up on that claim.) Although, that’s kind of silly argument to make to begin with, and if you’re not me, Jess, or Danielle you don’t really care…

Anyways, the Dresden Dolls’ scripted videos are really amazing, but I especially like this drum solo toward the end. Now you’ve seen them.

There aren’t enough great drummers in popular music. At least, not that I’ve found.

There is always Karen Carpenter. You should know you’ve been cheated every time you see a Carpenters performance with Karen not playing a drum kit.

Karen Carpenter Drum Solo – 1976 First Television Special

There’s a John Denver bonus cameo in there, because I like your smile, kid.


1. eric - April 23, 2010

out of the music you usually subject me to, the amanda palmer clip was decent!…

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