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Jennie Smells of Elderberries May 30, 2010

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Photo by Rob

Drums Are Cool and Stuff (more YouTube) April 22, 2010

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This is the Dresden Dolls

My friend Danielle just recently discovered the solo album of Amanda Palmer, the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls. (It’s really good, of course.)

What’s funny to me is that Danielle is the biggest Morrissey fan I know, and I once declared Amanda Palmer to be a woman cut from the Morrissey cloth. (Jess can back me up on that claim.) Although, that’s kind of silly argument to make to begin with, and if you’re not me, Jess, or Danielle you don’t really care…

Anyways, the Dresden Dolls’ scripted videos are really amazing, but I especially like this drum solo toward the end. Now you’ve seen them.

There aren’t enough great drummers in popular music. At least, not that I’ve found.

There is always Karen Carpenter. You should know you’ve been cheated every time you see a Carpenters performance with Karen not playing a drum kit.

Karen Carpenter Drum Solo – 1976 First Television Special

There’s a John Denver bonus cameo in there, because I like your smile, kid.

Every Species Desires to Find the Tardis April 21, 2010

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Here’s a video of some ibex males (bulls or bucks?) fighting.

Over the weekend I was watching a nature show. The narrator claimed every species of animal shares a desire to breed.

Does every species desire to breed? Don’t some just desire to mate?


On a completely unrelated topic…

Over the past week, people have been finding this blog while searching for “tardis” or “the tardis” or “t.a.r.d.i.s.” The tardis is the space ship used by The Doctor in the BBC show Doctor Who.

There’s a new Doctor Who episode premiering in America, you see. A couple months ago, I posted a picture of the tardis in a post about heaven, time, and space.

How many people are finding my blog looking for this?

67 people last Thursday

54 on Friday

82 Saturday

90 Sunday

65 Monday

57 today

Sorry folks!

I’m just so uncomfortable with this traffic. I don’t know what to write knowing strangers are at the door. I certainly don’t want to write about me.

In case you’re curious, the most popular terms for finding my blog have had to do with exquisite corpses and Joseph Cornell. Seriously, someone needs to start a blog dedicated to Joseph Cornell.

Those are some of my earliest posts! The Cornell was the first, I think. (Too lazy to check.)

Ahh, memory lane…

Here’s an ibex falling to (apparent) death. You might not want to watch. If you do, you must look closely.

More videos, Less meaning April 13, 2010

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  • Listening to baseball.
  • Watching to some ladies sing about lady stuff on YouTube.
  • Super excited to see a ballet rehearsal later.

That’s pretty much where I’m at, and I’m man enough to admit it.

Swan Lake – Preview April 13, 2010

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Pittsburgh Ballet Theater - Swan Lake sneak peak performance

Last Thursday I took my sister‘s place at a special bloggers’ sneak peak st Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s Swan Lake. This Thursday I’ll be checking out the dress rehersal, too.

Anyway, they fed me and let me ask the creative director a bunch of sophomoric questions just so I would tell you fine folks to the ballet. Well, of course you should go to the ballet!

Swan Lake runs April 16 – 18 at the Benedum Center.

Here’s where you get your tickets and read about the upcoming season.

I’ll have more to report about Swan Lake after the dress rehearsal. Ideally, I’ll have more to report about other ballets onward. It’ll be a thing, n’at.

No Compassion Monday April 12, 2010

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For a couple of months, I’ve been meaning to put together a mix tape of “not my problem” songs. A series covering the complexity of saying “no”, of accepting and denying responsibility, of accepting things that are within, and without your control.

Lately, I’ve heard some friends complain about the tasks they get handed at work, that really aren’t part of their job description. To some, this is the best use for twitter. Venting frustrations. Wishing they could do more for people suffering in the distance. Generally begging for more control in their world.

Maybe I’ll try to start an internet meme, instead of the mix tape.

  • Not My Job Monday
  • Not My Problem Monday

The Velvet Underground – Beginning to See the Light

There are problems in these times,
but WOOOO none of them are mine!

Baby, I’m beginning to see the light.

Here we go again,
I thought that you were my friend.

Here we go again,
I thought that you were my friend.

How does it feel to be loved?
How does it feel to be loved?

Talking Heads – No Compassion (1978-05-10)

In a world where people have problems

In this world where decisions are a way of life

Other people’s problems, they overwhelm my mind

They say compassion is a virtue, but I don’t have the time

(Here we go again)

I don’t know what to make of this April 8, 2010

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This is a really weird YouTube video.

Stonecarver from Ukraine stone sculptures showcase Ed Barsukov

It’s a bizarre format for showcasing photographs of your work. I don’t know how many of those works belong to this person who claims to be a real artist. A lot of the photographs look like they’re fossils, or is that part of their specialty, to custom-carve fossils. I question the fossil stuff, so how much am I to believe the other images?

Then there is the desperate appeal:
I’m carrying on the ancient tradition of stone carving.
I’m looking for work. Please, anybody.
I’m trying to get started, but one day I hope to have my own workshop.
I’ll take investors from any country.
I specialize in sandstone, but I can consider working in other materials.
Here’s my email, it ends in “.ru” (just like all accounts that send you viruses every day).

Why is this video so long? Why do I learn so little about who this person is, or what real experience they have, or who has invested in them before?

This appeal is so pathetic, I feel guilty that I’m so suspect of it’s author. But the closer you look, this person is hiding behind a veil of awkwardness.

Anyway, it was strange and I wanted to share.

(h/t Rebecca)

Oh, and while we’re on Eastern European awkward YouTubes, here’s the Trololo guy you don’t want to miss.

A smile that swerves all over the road April 7, 2010

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Morphine “You speak my language” “Honey white”

Morphine “All wrong” “Whisper”

Artie Shaw and Sherlock Holmes April 3, 2010

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A video of Artie Shaw, simply because I enjoy Artie Shaw.

See how I did that? Simple. And enjoy.

That’s not to say I think Artie Shaw represents a simpler time in music. I just have no other reason to play it but for simply enjoying it.

I’m beginning to fear the world is over-educated, and wasting time consuming the world intellectually.

I was watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Sherlock Holmes represents intellectualism. He was learned, skilled, and observant, and living among uneducated Londoners, at the dawn of the modern world we now know.

Now, if I say the information available to us now has taken the burdens of living out of the streets of 19th century London, and into the heads of 21st century suburbia, am I disrespecting the social progression of the 20th century?

Every man, woman, and child must be granted equal rights to education, vote, own property, access public information, and defend their rights in court. There remains a ways to go beyond the remaining prejudices before we are effectively equal in the most advanced societies. There remains even greater distance before poor countries catch up to our own.

People deserve equal rights. I just fear that we’ve mistaken those pursuits for the pursuit of happiness.

The 19th century Londoner didn’t have iTunes, YouTube, or radio. He may never have gone to school a day in his life, much less played clarinet in their public grade school band. Yet he could enjoy Artie Shaw just as much as I do.

I played the clarinet from about 4th to 7th grade before I switched to the trombone. I also took piano, and guitar lessons, and learned to read sheet music. Music was very helpful in my education, in understanding math, science, and other curricula that didn’t even exist four hundred years ago.

Love and joy existed four hundred years ago. Every advancement since should remain an alternative means to those old ends. It doesn’t make the ends better, though, as they never move.

Sherlock Holmes would immerse himself in the dirty streets other Cambridge men probably feared. He enjoyed music to stimulate his mind, that he could better pursue knowledge, not for the satisfaction or superiority of knowing, but to provide justice beyond the inequities of society.

Our minds thirst for knowledge and our hands thirst to learn new skills. But knowledge and skills we do not apply on behalf of others are oppressive.

Xavier Rudd – Messages March 29, 2010

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